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Thursday, January 29, 2009
CD Covers :

      Some of the best times ever as a makeup artist is when I get a random call to do a shoot that is completely out of the ordinary... one such time was to shoot a CD first was Rebecca Henricks. ..shot by  Kevin Jairaj  We shot this on some railroad tracks out off I35...I loved Kevin's artistic eye...


 rebecca Henricks

Later I got a call to do another CD cover for a new up and coming Rock agent was a little afraid that I  be offended that it was out in the boonies and with some pretty scrouly guys...I laughed and said...I'm in...see, I grew up in the country so any time I can  get back there and still be creative is awesome!! We shot the next CD cover in Sulphur Springs and the guys could not have been nicer...I know I say I love my job all the time..but believe it or not...trying to dodge the cow paddies in the fields made me feel right at home..

fair to midland.jpg 1 

The next picture ended up being the cover for the CD Fair to Midland...I wish I could take credit for coming up with the idea to put the guys in the pond...but it was genius...and the photographer (from LA ) wanted to catch the was an incredible shot...

..fair to midland.jpg 2

And then along comes  Winslow...what a breath of fresh air!!! Not only is she beautiful and talented...she is also smart and so sweet...what an honor it was to work on her first  cover and publicity shots...she and her Mom had some great ideas as to what they wanted and it was so fun to bring those ideas to life!! Bode Helm was the photographer and he found some old cars that were perfect to shoot by...everything just kind of fell into place that day....


Photographer: Bode Helm  


XN8O9128 bodehelm


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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Lifestyle/Photographer: Troy House, New York

       OK, this shoot was definitely one of my all time favorites...being a country girl myself...we shot at a very upscale property called Escondido... a new development in Horseshoe Bay (outside of Austin)...all I can say is "WOW"....Troy has an incredible eye and more than anything...a great sense of humor..We shot for four days and I know we got some incredible stuff, but one of the hardest things as a makeup artist is actually getting copies of what I do...especially when you work with an out of town photographer who is super's months before anything is available, and then when it is...they have already moved on and busy on another project....oh well...

 WH8H4480 escondedo

campbell pictures 026

campbell pictures 027


campbell pictures 022


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Wednesday, January 7, 2009
AD for Pearl Struck/ model: Brittney/ photographer: Scott Womack:

Brittny Walk_2289        This was an awesome project with Brittney  who had www.scottwomack.comthe longest legs I've ever seen!  Me, being only 5'1" could barely reach her for touch ups after she put on heels...she is 6' without them!! Brittney lives in Austin, works as a bartender and models on the side....can you imagine the tips she gets??? The Ad was for a Pearl Jewelry designer out of LA...If you look at the picture above and then at the top of my website  you will see her as though she is walking down a street..that was the art of Scott the photographer....gotta love that!!!

 Brittny Walk_2311

Brittny-Mirror_2337 32


My next girl with Scott Womack is Megan..she is only 14 in these shots and looks it in the first couple...she looks like the girl next store..but a change of clothes and vamping out her makeup she's a completely different girl...



I just can't help it....I love these shots!!!! The skirt she was wearing was supposed to be tied in the back but for an added effect I tied it in the front to show off the six pack she has...WOW!!!! Very hot!!!


Meghan_2121-9x Tell me these are not HOT!!! They are hot!!!


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