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Saturday, November 22, 2008
Magazine print work

 Dcover southlake campbell pictures 006

 campbell pictures 019 DBEAUTY

This was a beautiful cover!! The inside layout was the 10 most beautiful women in Dallas...there was another artist so we each had five women to do...I loved hearing their stories!! When I was first asked to do the shoot...I was thinking...Wow! Wonder who made that list??? But after meeting each one and finding out they were nominated for their "inner" beauty, I was even more thrilled to be on the shoot...They were each as beautiful on the inside as they were on the out!!

SG1 Jamie O"Banion   SG4 Yanci McGregor

sg3 Maureen Locus     sg5 Marisa Huckin

sg6 Asusena Resendiz

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Friday, November 21, 2008
Fashion/ Model: Natalie/Photographer: Kent Barker /

     Sometimes when you do a just just know it's going to be beautiful...this was my first time to work with Kent and the absolutely sweetest ever and talented Peggy Wolf...his studio manager and love of his life.  One thing I love about my job is being able to stand back behind the photographer and see what he is seeing...Natalie is amazingly beautiful!! I knew we were capturing some amazing shots but when Kent sent them to me....I was actually shocked!! I was sooo excited!! When I showed them to the Agency...the response was...Oh my God...I just broke out in that's a compliment!! So I decided to use Natalie as the face for my comp card...and I love them!!


Stambaugh-8947 natalie 


Emily-0750 copy







Emily, a Ambercrombie model, chose Kent to do her wedding portrait.  But being a model she wanted something different and on the edge.  Emily is very down to earth so we started very soft and natural.  Her dress was an antique that she found at a vintage store and had tailored to fit perfectly. 







campbell pictures 008














I'm not sure if she actually wore her cowboy boots on her wedding day, but they sure were cute for this picture on the stairwell at Southside on Lamar.


Before heading off to Deep Elum for a more editorial shot, I smoked out her eyes and went wild on the hair.  Her furry friend was the ring bearer in the wedding and he is known by none other than "Johnny Cash".













campbell pictures 009





Love this close up of Emily.  It really shows off her amazing eyes and porcelain skin.











Emily-kent barker









A great effect for the edgy look were the biker boots.  Notice the hemline of her dress.... short in the front then trailing in the back.





Emily-kent barker.3

Only a real model could pull off looking great in their wedding dress and biker in boots in Deep Elum.  Do you see Johnny Cash?  What a great, fun day with Emily, Kent, Peggy (Kent's awesome assistant), and of course, Johnny Cash.

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The Body Art Ball

SG1 10-07 OK....this might be one of the greatest experiences of my career as an artist !!!! When I was first asked to be an artist in the Body At Ball...I was a little compressive..but I am always up for a challenge so I said yes..I am so glad I did..I think I really realized my true talent as an artist...(I mean I could always draw and paint and stuff like that...but this was beyond...) my first ball was to paint Kyle.."The Patriot" took me 10 hours to paint him....and I called a friend (Cathy Hardick) to help with the solid stuff...I had no idea what I was getting myself took ten hours to paint!! When Kyle took the was one of my proudest moments!!! We got a standing ovation and I was so teary eyed!!! One of my shining moments....

But it gets even better..when I was asked to create "The Pimp" I was truly challenged..but it proved to be a shining moment because my dancer Damien brought my idea to life...we won  an award for Best Design and of course Best Dancer that year...then the next year the Body Art Ball went on tour with the best of the best and my design was chosen to be the picture on the tickets!! That was very mentioned in my bio... a local film production company did a documentary on the artists and  and the dancers titled Anatomy of the Canvas and showcased it at was fun to see myself on that side of the camera...since I am always behind...if you ever get a chance to should!!!

032004-223932-1 (Medium) 

body art ball

032104-002430-1 Taking my bow...

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Thursday, November 20, 2008
Model Head shots

   These are just a couple of models I helped with their head shots for new comp cards. Typically they just want clean pretty makeup which is always easy for me...beautiful makeup is a combination of the artist and the always helps when they have beautiful skin, but I also learned along the to make skin look beautiful...even it they have on a ton of makeup.....if it looks like skin...that's great makeup!!..


campbell pictures 003 


last shot

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Bride... Elisa


23072[1] elisa

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Bride... Heidi



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Bride: Lauren Pearson

Bride Lauren Pearson-1

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Bride... Melissa Williamson

Melissa Williamson

Melissa Williamson 3

Melissa Williamson color 2

Melissa Williamson color

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More Brides... Jennifer Premeivera... Photographer: Edward Rameriz


320_083 jennifer Prmeivera


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Bride: Sally Ash Dire

Sally Ash     


Sally Ash & girls

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Weddings... Mindy Mann


DSCF2942_11x14 mindy mann 

DSCF2940_11x14 mindy mann

DSCF2987_11x14 mindy mann

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Fashion/ Photographer Cindy James

               I love Cindy's style...she is so relaxed and easy to work with!! She just shoots, shoots, shoots....really fast and then says..."we got it!"  These are new faces at "Campbell" .. how cute are they?

Girl Studio

Boy Studio

Couple Studio

School Bus Double


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Fashion/ Photographer: Tom Hussey

    This was such a cool shoot!!! We had thousands of dollars worth of clothing from Barney's and such incredible jewelry pieces from Mathew Trent...all those "little" things make such a difference in getting the look that you many of my shoots they just want "pretty" makeup it's fun to be able to "play" and just do what I want...  look at the difference the lighting makes...and how you can make a photo look old and almost antique..we were going for a "40s" look...I think we got it!

tom hussey

tom hussey2

 tom hussey 6

This is the same girl...just different makeup...

tom hussey3

tom hussey 4

tom hussey 5

How fun is this??? The hair was so crazy...everyone loved it...I really don't know how I came up with just happened but was so fitting with what Tom was going for...whimsical, funny, ...I do wish we would have taken a few serious pictures because the makeup was beautiful...but I was so caught up in the moment I forgot to ask...


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